What to Expect from the Model Auditions: 22nd & 29th October 2017


By Iona Cameron, President

Model auditions are really not as intimidating as they sound! All we ask is you come along, be yourself and show us why you love DUCFS just as much as we do. You can come solo, in pairs or even a group if you prefer. When you arrive at ER153 (in Elvet Riverside), you’ll be greeted by an exec member who will take your name and details. You’ll then walk up and down a couple of times to some funky tunes, have a quick headshot taken and that’s it! It should only take 5-10 minutes.

You don’t need to book a slot before, just show up anytime between 10am-4.30pm on Sunday 22nd or Sunday 29th. (Please note, the Gospel Project is on the 29th, so if you’re attending that then either come on the 22nd or early on the 29th).

We do ask that girls bring heels to walk in, and a bikini or underwear if you might be interested in one of these walks. For the boys, if you are interested in doing the swimwear walk, we’ll ask you to walk topless.

We want to encourage models of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. We’re here to promote diversity and we want variety on the catwalk this year. Modelling for DUCFS gives you the chance to meet loads of new people from different year groups and also be a part of a project which is set to raise over £85,000 in aid of mental health.

Last year we had 58 models, so there are loads of places! We’ll let you know the outcome by the 31st October. You can check out photos from last year’s show here!

Need more convincing? Well don’t just take my word for it, hear it from former DUCFS models themselves:

Initially when it came to casting I was super nervous and was certain I wouldn’t get in as it was something I had never done before, but when I arrived I was welcomed by all the lovely exec and was made to feel super comfortable. Being part of last years show was definitely one of my top university experiences as I met amazing people, wore some crazy outfits and got to be a part of raising money for a cause I cared about. It’s also just generally a lot of fun and when you get on stage you get this insane adrenaline rush from all your friends cheering you on. If you’re nervous to come to casting, bring a mate along for moral support and have fun with it!
— Loy Yin
I did the fashion show last year as Durham is the classic case of making new friends through trying new things. I made some awesome friends from all across the university who I wouldn’t have otherwise of met. Oh yeah, and you get in good nick. Would 100% recommend.
— Sam Stothert
Through doing the fashion show last year I met so many diverse people from across colleges that I would never usually have the chance to meet, and have made some wonderful friends. The show itself is something completely unique to Durham - the exec are professional, the comfort of being part of a large group of models who are all equal whatever experience they have, and the fun of being involved and seeing the works behind such a big event is something really special. I received such comfort and support from the exec and fellow models. The fashion show really goes beyond any normal college or society production, and I would encourage anyone to go for it because there really is nothing to lose.
— Flora Philips
Modelling for DUCFS last year was not only the most exhilarating experience I have ever had but was also the most rewarding with the amount of money we raised! I had such fun meeting so many wonderful new people and I recommend anyone and everyone to go along to this years casting, as it really will be a memory you will cherish for the rest of your life!
— Ned Campbell
I was a little nervous auditioning for DUCFS this time last year as someone who believed university fashion shows were reserved for a select group of conventionally attractive rich kids. After meeting the models who were chosen I was so impressed at the diversity amongst us and didn’t at all feel like the token queer kid. The night itself was way bigger than imagined. I had done a catwalk in London but nothing could prepare for the buzz I got when I first stepped out. It was so refreshing to be part of a fashion event where interesting clothes were actually at the forefront, with models fighting over the weirdest shit they could find from up and coming high fashion brands. If you feel too weird for the fashion show, you’re just weird enough. It was the highlight of last year and I’m so excited to audition again this year.
— Ted Coward
I remember hearing about DUCFS in first year and thinking it sounded like so much fun. I heard about castings in my second year and decided to go for it. I’d never really done any modelling before so I was really nervous, but everyone was so lovely and friendly, I felt comfortable. Doing fashion show was genuinely one of the best and most fun experiences of my life so far . I made some incredible friends, got to wear clothes I never would have had the opportunity to and best of all I enjoyed every minute of it. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to say you helped raise £75,000 for a good cause.
— Azra Obranovic