Hear what the Exec have to say about being involved with DUCFS 2018

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DUCFS 2019 Executive Committee applications are now OPEN! If you have any doubt in your mind, here’s what the 2018 exec have to say about being involved with the most successful student-led charitable event in the United Kingdom.


"Everyone leaves University with a degree, but it’s very rare to have the opportunity to be involved with something which is so impactful and genuinely life-changing. I still can’t get my head around the fact that we have raised a record-breaking £106k for such an amazing cause. DUCFS is the best thing i’ve ever done at uni, and it never feels like a burden. What makes it worth it is the people, that incredible feeling on the night when everything comes together and all the fun we have in the months leading up to the show. I cannot recommend applying for the exec enough." (Iona Cameron, President 2018)

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"I’ve never heard anyone say they regret getting involved with DUCFS, but I’ve heard plenty of peoples say they regret not being. If you are organised, enthusiastic and care about making a difference, then you should 100% apply, even if you don’t know which role is for you. It is such a unique opportunity to meet incredible people and do something meaningful for a really worthwhile cause. Through DUCFS you can be part of creating something to be proud of while making friends for life." (Luciana DiMascio, Operations Vice President 2018)

"DUCFS has without a doubt been one of the most incredible experiences of my time at uni. I have become close to people I never would have met had it not been for DUCFS. I’ve learnt so much including making websites, graphic design #canva, editing videos, and just generally being confident in my own ideas. Even if it was a lot of work in the making, being able to create something of that scale and watching it come together from start to finish was so so rewarding." (Bryony Duff, Creative Vice-President 2018)


"The opportunity to work on something I am so passionate about, surrounded by some of the most incredible, hilarious people I have ever met, has undoubtedly been the most rewarding experience of my time at Durham. Whether you’re seeking to run the world like the one-and-only Iona Cameron, or if you just want to be as #fashun as Alasdair Harriss, playing a part in the organisation of DUCFS will show you just how much more there is to university than a degree." (Flora Stafford, Fashion Director 2018)


"You only have to have one conversation with me to know that I love a Fashion Show but DUCFS was truly something different. 10 months of constant slack notifications, logistical tribulations (like how to make 3000 g&ts) and the stress of being totally ill-qualified to choreograph a walk but that’s what makes being part of the exec so fun and a learning opportunity which will foreshadow so many things you will do later on in life. It is so exciting to see your hard work come into fruition on the night. And who wouldn't want to befriend the male models?"  (Natalie Chaplin, Head of Sponsorship 2018)


"DUCFS has been the most fulfilling and rewarding experience I have taken part in during my time at Durham. It has been a privilege to work with such dedicated people and raise over £100,000 for an identifiable and worthwhile cause. DUCFS gives you responsibility; it challenges and strengthens skills such as organisation, time management and leadership, and sets you in very good stead for later life after universities. Seeing all our hard work come together on the night was well worth the wait and I cannot recommend applying for the exec enough." (Rachael Currie, Head of Events & Social Sec 2018)

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"DUCFS 2018 was by far, THE most exciting thing I’ve been a part of here at Durham. Not only are you working alongside a team of some of the most talented and creative people at Durham, but you’re also part of a truly supportive and passionate team working towards an exceptional goal, making a difference for some really important issues in our society. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when the lights drop and you see months and months of hard work come to life, and the reaction from the audience seeing the show for the first time is something I will never forget. DUCFS is a remarkable experience, and something I will always be grateful for being a part of." (Jacqueline Baker, Head of PR & Marketing 2018)

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"DUCFS has genuinely been the best thing i have done at Uni. The exec is full of the most wonderful, talented and creative people and it has been amazing (and a lot of fun!) to work alongside them. The scale of the event has pushed me to do things I never would have otherwise, and when the show comes together in February there is nothing more rewarding! Most importantly you have the opportunity to be part of something so high profile that the end donation will actually make a huge difference to the chosen charity." (Hannah Debson, Creative Director 2018)

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"As a student-led event, DUCFS offers an amazing opportunity to combine large-scale events organisation and creative experiences all so as to fundraise an incredible amount for a charity. DUCFS is not just about donating, however, but has really sought to engage with the charity’s awareness-raising issue and to work with different student and company groups to create an even broader impact. The feedback from Durham guests and attendees who enjoy the event make the input of hours over so many months all worthwhile for the Exec and for finally fundraising our target of £100k for Mind!" (Pippa Prevost-Jones, Venue Manager 2018)


"I can honestly say that DUCFS is the best thing that has happened to me during my 4 years at uni. I had no idea what was in store for me when I got offered the role in June last year. The whole experience is really what you make it of and all the time and effort is 100% worth it when you see the show come together and it really hits you what a fantastic thing you have been a part of. And the amazing friends you get out of it is an added bonus. Whatever your interests there is a role for you and I'm already buzzing to come back and see the show next year!!" (Fran Ramsey, Sponsorship Director & Social Sec 2018)


"The best element of being a part of the fashion show, is being handed real responsibilities, without necessarily needing to have had prior experience. The tech director role came as an addition to my role as treasurer, when I opted to take on responsibility for creating & running the video screen visuals, which highlights one of the best points about the work we did: you can literally get as involved as you want, and the titles you are given do not hold you down from getting involved with any other aspect. A second important point is that this exec is not “anti-male”, and the amazing team-dynamic that formed within the exec draws special attention to the group cohesion that was created, regardless of gender. I can’t encourage my fellow students enough to apply for any role in the exec; it’ll be the best decision of your uni life." (Mark Thompson, Treasurer & Tech Director 2018)

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"A fantastic opportunity for those looking for a creative outlet in Durham which I cannot recommend enough. Working with other like-minded and driven students was incomparable to anything I've done in Durham: constantly bouncing ideas off each other; planning and producing some of the best materials and campaigns I've seen to date (no bias, whatsoever); and, of course, those all important photoshoots. Mark and I were lucky enough to work with 17 of the most inspirational women - who will be sure to go onto even bigger and better things in the future - but it would be great to see more guys getting stuck into DUCFS: there are roles for everyone and it has proved to be a truly invaluable experience. The substantial donation raised in aid of MIND is testament to the hard work of all of the exec and models: I cannot wait to see what next year has in store!" (Alasdair Harriss, Creative Director 2018)

If you have any questions about the application, please do message the page (as you can probably tell, we love talking about DUCFS.) Good luck!