Our sponsors are the backbone of DUCFS. We would not have grown DUCFS to be the organisation it is today without the generosity and support of our sponsors. DUCFS has had the privilege of showcasing and working with some of the world’s most prestigious and innovative companies. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our past and current sponsors who have supported us in maximising our charitable donation, allowing us to put on shows with the capacity to break boundaries and set records.


Now officially the largest student fundraising event in the UK, DUCFS 2019 looks to expand in a number of ways to which end we would, as always, be so grateful to the support of our sponsors. In 2019 we aim to expand to three nights, create a magazine and increase press coverage and pre-show event,  henceforth increasing publicity for our sponsors. Through doing so, we aim to allign creative movement with charity participation, aiming to raise a total of £125,000 for our chosen charity. 

please click here to check out our sponsorship brochure. 


TPT Retirement Solutions were delighted to sponsor the DUCFS event in 2018. DUCFS should be proud of the excellent work they do supporting many important charitable organisations, affecting so many people both locally and internationally. Working with DUCFS gave us the opportunity to share our annual undergraduate internship programme with Durham students and help support them in their future career choices. We wish them every success with their 2019 event.
— TPT Retirement Solutions (2018 Sponsors)

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of DUCFS 2019, please get in touch at sponsorship@ducfs.co.uk