It gives us great excitement to reveal this year’s theme “Evolution & Revolution.” We invite you to join us on a journey to modernity and explore the shape of now. Our journey explores two processes of change; the gentle, organic evolution of society and the sharp ruptures of revolution, that propel society onwards.  

Beginning with a world of nature, fluidity and unrefined beauty, the shape of our world is rapidly evolving past these organic ideals towards a rigid modernity. A dystopian edge formed by modern technology, industry and city life has distorted the purist ideals of our origins, and created a fast-paced world of claustrophobic urbanity.

DUCFS 2018 encourages us to question our modern ideals and principles, to reflect with nostalgia on the natural beauty that we have left behind and to rise against negative aspects of modernity. It encourages us to make a stand in revolution against the changes taking place in our world today through fashion, music, and every sense of the arts.

These ideas often find a cultural manifestation in fashion. Designers are cultivating ideas of evolution and revolution through their clothing, which increasingly express a form of both overt and covert activism; from gender equality, politics, feminism, environmentalism, global issues and civil rights. In the spirit of youthful consideration, we endeavor to arouse debate on these dilemmas and ask what our collective role is in developing solutions to those which plague our world. DUCFS 2018 aims to the harness the power of creative resistance, in order to make a statement about the changes taking place in our society.


Bryony Duff

Creative Vice



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The existence of a 'liminal space' is a concept which we would like to explore. As we move into a world governed by technology, we find ourselves in a space of confusion torn between nature and modernity  

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 Industry and city life has distorted the purist ideals of our origins, and created a fast-paced world of claustrophobic urbanity.


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The professional standard goes above and beyond a student-run event. The fashion is cutting-edge, the music first class and the execution flawless. Now working as an events and PR professional, I can say DUCFS definitely plays with the big boys...

— Susan Ogonda Bsc, AMV BBDO